Who We Are

AIRENA Technology Limited is a reliable Home & Kitchen Utensil leader with an emphasis on quality, trust and a better experience.

Founded in 2011, by Michael Lau, the AIRENA Knives team brings over 10 years of experience and with professionel kitchen knives craftsmanship and knowledge of knife-making. We have perfected steel selection, blade sharpening, hardening processes and handle manufacturing. Painstakingly hand-polishing and hand-finishing the blades with high-tech processes such as Cry-o-tempering which improves the steels crystalline structure (making them stronger). Allowing us to produce a high quality kitchen knives. The Classics Series Cutlery is our statement to the world that we have truly arrived.

An emerging global brand, AIRENA's kitchen knives are carefully crafted in an ultra-modern factory in YangJiang city China. Knives making has a long history in YangJiang. Knives have been produced in Yangjiang since 557 BC. At the time the army was stationed in the area and steel knives and swords were in high demand. The locals were forced to produce them at first but it ended up transforming Yangjiang into a knife making powertown.

In our Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab, we tested more than 300 knives to find the best kitchen knives on the market. We tested with home cooks in mind and evaluated how well each knife cut and retained an edge after slicing and chopping through onions, whole chickens, cooked steak, carrots, and cheddar cheese. We sliced basil into fine ribbons, minced garlic and parsley, and sliced tomatoes. The most impressive knives were super sharp and made paper thin slices of tomato with no effort at all.

AIRENA has been connecting you to what you love for 10 years with a look at all the ways we bring loved ones together in the kitchen: cooking together, sharing a meal together and every movement counts, enjoy your cooking moment with AIRENA cutlery every day.


AIRENA was created with the goal of sharing the immense and unparalleled talent of China blacksmiths with chefs and culinary enthusiasts around the world.

Despite the growing awareness and popularity of hand crafted and traditional Asia knives around the worldwide, the number of people hand-forging blades, hand-finishing edges and crafting handles decreases every year.

We hoped through our business, we could contribute in a small way to preserving the ancient craft Asian knife makers provide: a vital source of tools for the culinary worldwide.